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It is a renewal and restoration for those who desire to follow Jesus.

Tres Dias is an inter-denominational 3-day weekend which aims to concentrate closely on the person of Jesus Christ and His teachings. Some may call it a retreat, but it does not have the solitude of a retreat. While Tres Dias explores basic Christian beliefs, it is best described as a spiritual encounter with Christ. The focus of the weekend is “God’s unmerited love.” The weekend is designed to show “agape” love that God pours out on us. This love is unconditional, unmerited, and for which the only true response can be love in return. The goal of Tres Dias is to empower Christians to become leaders within their families, their small groups, their churches, and their communities. Many who have attended a weekend have experienced a deeper and more meaningful relationship with Christ as they sense His love in a dynamic way.

“Tres Dias is three days, but lasts a lifetime.”

Tres Dias does not “teach” doctrine.  In fact, we try to stay away from doctrinal discussions/debates; choosing instead to stress the things that the Christian denominations have in common while respecting those things which are different.  Instead, we focus on God’s unqualified love for each of us through grace; with the goal of coming away from the weekend with a refreshed and empowered relationship with God through Christ.

The Tres Dias weekend is an opportunity for Christians to encounter Jesus Christ, experience other Christians serving them in love, and receive new inspiration for living our life in Christ.

The Spanish words “Tres Dias” mean “Three Days.” The weekend begins on Thursday night and ends Sunday afternoon.  In three days, the basics of the Christian life are presented with practical reminders of how to apply them to life. The Tres Dias team leading the weekend is composed of former attendees of a Tres Dias or similar weekend like Cursillo or Walk to Emmaus, who have volunteered their time for months of preparation by working and praying together as a unit.The weekend is a combination of carefully prepared activities and teachings, all intended to lead to a deeper personal commitment to Christ and a renewed sense of his unconditional love.Each day is centered on lay and clergy talks followed by table-group discussions which make Christ’s teachings come alive.  There is time for introspection and hearing from God, time for sharing with others, singing, laughter, and opportunities for deep personal worship.

Tres Dias is not a revival meeting or group therapy.  It’s a “renewal” experience, not a conversion experience.  It is designed for believers who desire something deeper, something more, and want to come away revived and re-focused.The main emphasis of Tres Dias is God’s unqualified love for each of us through grace.  To attend, you must be sponsored by a person who is committed to supporting and praying for your experience and has attended a Tres Dias or one of the Cursillo-type three-day weekends.All that is required of you is a sincere faith, openness, and a willing heart to receive whatever God has for you.

Yes. The cost for the weekend is $150.00 per participant fee.  The cost includes three nights’ lodging, meals, and all materials necessary for the weekend.  Financial assistance may be available and should be requested when the participant’s application is filed.  Check with your Sponsor about this.

Altoona/Johnstown Tres Dias weekends are held at Camp Living Waters in Schellsburg PA Transportation to/from your weekend is to be arranged by your sponsor?

Anyone, 21-years-old of age or older, who is seeking a closer relationship with Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Just as Christ meets you at your point of need, so Tres Dias is designed for those who desire to be strengthened in their faith and to be brought closer to Christ in their discipleship. Tres Dias is for Christians of all denominations. The weekend is not necessarily for new believers, but for those who understand God’s grace. It is especially gratifying for those who are in leadership within the church.

There are separate weekends for men and women. If you are married, the husband (based on biblical principles) should attend first. Wives usually attend a week or two later. Someone who has previously attended a Tres Dias, or similar (ie. Walk to Emmaus or Cursillo), weekend must sponsor each attendee.

A series of talks are given by lay and clergy speakers covering a “short course in Christianity.” Candidates worship and study in the presence of the Holy Spirit to glorify God.  Group discussions, sharing, jokes, laughter, singing, communion (if you wish to partake), and prayer time in both group and individual settings.  Every weekend includes Spiritual Directors who are available for counseling and prayer as needed.

Our prayer is that you will bring a willingness to experience a weekend led by the Holy Spirit.  Throughout the weekend, we hope that you will consciously reflect on your your spiritual walk with Christ.  We want you to feel secure in the knowledge that you are accepted where you are and as you are, and to know that a specific response is not expected of you. We hope that you are curious enough, and thirsty enough, for spiritual exploration and nourishment, and to acknowledge a need to commit a weekend of your life totally to Christ.  We want you to “Participate, not anticipate.”